Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly competiton starts in September with a date to be confirmed each season as the Summer season for booking Federal Park is 1st October each year but we negotiate starting a few weeks earlier if park not being used by other sports users. 

For 2023/24 Season this will be the 18th September. 

We compete on a Monday night from 5.30pm. It is hard to give a finish time as the program changes each week  as we compete on a 3 week cycle. Most weeks are finished between 6.30and 7.30pm (depending on age group). 

Club shirts are available for purchase on a Monday night at club meeting room. For the first 2 weeks new athletes can wear alternate t-shirt until they get club shirt sorted. 

YES!! All parents of children 17yo or younger are required to stay at the park and assist with running activities. The committee is very hard working and will support parents to run the activities for your cilds age group. If all parents help then it makes the night run more smoothly, and who knows you might enjoy so much you begin competing yourself. 

YES we do! This commenced in the 2022/23 season and is open to all 3 +4yo. Activities are aimed to learn and develop their skills in a modified and tailored play-based approach that is fun, stimulating, and engaging.

YES! If your child has not been registered with little athletics before they can trial for two weeks. You need to sign the trail form at the meeting room so that we have a register and are covered by insurance.

YES we do! Included in club registration price. Club training on a Thursday from 5.30pm (5pm winter - non daylight savings). Covers most events and can be negotiated with those coaches available or contact Coaching Co-ordinator (refer to Contact Us page)

Yes it is! Training available on a Tuesday and Thursday (occasional weekends). Need to be registered with ANSW but can be from any club. Best contact is Peter Herd (Coach) on 0414 516 297. 

Come along to the club meeting. First Friday of the month at 7.30pm at Wallsend Diggers in Mezz Bar meeting room. 

Have the children - thats Ok bring them along :)