Club Rules & Policy

Wallsend Athletic Club Inc is required to comply with the policies of Athletics NSW and Little Athletic Association NSW and Statutory Authorities. These include:

Athletics NSW

Little Athletics NSW:   Codes of Conduct: & Behavioural Guidelines

Little Athletics NSW: Rules of Competition

Little Athletics NSW: Policies and guidelines

Wallsend Athletic Club Inc. Constitution

Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998

Privacy Policy                                             

Sexual Harassment Policy               

IAAF Competition Rules                            



Wallsend Athletic Club Inc fully supports the Governments Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998.

To comply with both the Athletic NSW and Little Athletic Association NSW




Smoke Free Areas- Newcastle City Council

Council owned or managed playgrounds, playing fields, sporting grounds and sporting facilities are smoke free areas in Newcastle. A notice of motion was approved by Council in 2007, which specified the following:

In recognition of the change in community attitudes towards smoking; the overwhelming community support for smoke free bans, especially in areas used by children; the adverse environmental impacts of cigarette butts, and in support of a clean, healthy environment, Council will:

  1. Make Council owned or managed playgrounds; playing fields, sporting grounds and sporting facilities (such as swimming pools and sporting facilities) smoke free areas to protect the health of children and other users of these facilities.
  2. Erect internationally recognised signs to indicate that these areas are smoke-free.
  3. Encourage other Hunter Councils to adopt smoke free policies for their own areas.
  4. Call on the New South Wales Government to amend the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 to make the above areas smoke free environments across New South Wales to ensure uniformity throughout the State.


Smoke Free Policy- Little Athletics NSW

Little Athletics NSW understands the harmful effects of smoking on health, fitness and performance in sport and that passive smoking is also hazardous to health. It is acknowledged that non-smokers should be protected from the involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke and as a result Little Athletics NSW has adopted the following policy. Smoking shall not be permitted in any competition or spectator area during any Little Athletics competition. Parents, administrators, coaches and officials have a responsibility as role models, particularly when involved at Little Athletics centres and Little Athletics NSW events.

Premises- Premises and competition areas are declared smoke free zones – smoking is only permitted where a special smoking area is designated.

Athletes/Participants- Athletes/participants are reminded that smoking adversely affects performances and are prohibited from smoking whilst engaged in Little Athletics activities.

Coaches and Officials- Coaches and officials are reminded of their responsibilities as role models particularly with junior athletes and are asked to refrain from smoking whilst associated with our sport.

Spectators- Spectators are reminded that smoking is inappropriate behaviour in a sporting environment and are asked to respect our Smoking Policy.

Visitors- Visiting athletes, coaches, officials and administrators are also asked to respect our Smoking Policy.

Non-Compliance- Non-compliance with this policy will be handled by an explanation of the Little Athletics NSW Smoke Free Policy to the person, including the identification of areas in which smoking is permitted. In the case of continued noncompliance with the policy, Little Athletics NSW personnel will use their discretion as to the steps to be taken, which may include asking the person to leave the premises, event or function.

Contact- Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of this policy is invited to contact the Little Athletics NSW Chief Executive Officer by phone on 02 9633 4511 or by mail to Locked Bag 85, Parramatta, NSW, 2124.